Roadies was born on the road. Thinking about coffee started it, and, as is often the way when in that certain zone on a bike, by the end of the ride Roadies Café was almost built and serving us coffee! Gloucester is a beautiful thriving town, a great place to visit, with spectacular roads to ride, and a growing number of tourists loving the pristine Barrington Tops area, but, we felt particularly given its growing popularity, lacking a certain something in the restaurant offerings.


Happily a site came up not long after that ride – it was the home of old Ritz Café from many years ago. The building had become a $2 shop (Buckets of bargins) when Mark and Bud Fordree found it, and it has been completely reworked. A lot of the period features have been retained but these have been combined with a stainless steel kitchen, Italian Wood fire oven, a lovely tessellated tile feature wall and locally made wooden tables. A retro Nuova Simonelli coffee machine produces our fine coffees, and the vintage motorcycles seem right at home there.


The all local team that pulled it all together were brilliant, Dave Cunningham was officialBut will it fit Dave?ly recognised as 'Best Tiler in The World' at our thank you drinks night and Randall Buckley, 'The Best Builder Ever'. Kerry Gardner -hairdresser extraordinaire- received a very special Certificate for being our first reservation.



   We were up and running on 1st September 2010.

  77 Church Street, Gloucester, Australia 2422

02 6558 2772