If you’ve never ridden this part of NSW, you must. It’s a superb day trip from Newcastle or Port, and from Sydney its 2 ½  -3 hours. For lunch at Roadies, that’s not even going to raise a sweat!.

Soon we'll have some links to directions for great rides around this area, and some footage and photos donated by some of our followers. 

Meanwhile, here's what you’ll see in the café:


1928 Indian Scout

4 year complete restoration by Frank de Loo.
First Released in 1920, and aimed at the middleweight market the 101 Scout was noted for its handling and was popular with racers, hill climbers and trickriders. It was, and still is, used in the “Wall of Death” stunt exhibitions
Engine 37 cu ins, 42 degree V-twin
Power: 18 bhp     Transmission: 3 speed




Custom built Norton

Frame: Nickel cad welded Manx replica
Seat: Macintosh     Fairing: Manx      Tanks and Primary Cover: Custom
Rear Guard: Norton Fastback       Pegs and levers: Macintosh
Engine: 750 Commando, crankshaft balanced 
Pistons: +40 2s mild street cam      Carbies: 32mm Mikuni’s
Head: Black Diamond valves, knife edged and lightened rockers, ported intake and exhaust ports
Gearbox: MK11 Commando     Clutch: 850 Commando





1929 Rudge


Speedway bike. 500 cc single, 4 valve head.

This bike was bought in Melbourne from a guy who started to restore it but didn’t complete the project. It’s a very rare bike indeed.He got as far as the wheels, seat and exhaust, then it sat in his garage for many years.

The motorcycle museum at Nabiac assisted us with a few missing bits, and with some time and expertise, it should fire up.Any volunteers would be most welcome!

  77 Church Street, Gloucester, Australia 2422

02 6558 2772